Intellectual Property Rights | 5th Semester

B.Sc. Agriculture - 5th Semester

Introduction & meaning of Intellectual Property; A brief introduction to GATT, WTO, TRIPs & WIPO; Treaties for IPR protection; Madrid Protocol, Berne Convention, Budapest treaty, etc.

Types of Intellectual Property and legislations covering IPR in India:- Patents, Copyrights, Trademark, Industrial design, Geographical indications, Integrated circuits, and Trade secrets.

Patents Act 1970 & Patent system in India; Patentability; Process, & product patent; filing of the patent, patent specification, patent claims, Patent opposition, & revocation, infringement, compulsory licensing, Patent Cooperation Treaty, Patent search, and patent database.

Origin & history including a brief introduction to UPOV for protection of plant varieties; Protection of plant varieties under UPOV and PPV&FR Act of India; Plant breeders rights; Registration of plant varieties under PPV&FR Act 2001; Breeders, researcher & farmers rights.

Traditional knowledge-meaning & Rights of TK holders; Convention on Biological Diversity; the International treaty on plant genetic resources for food & agriculture (ITPGRFA); Indian Biological Diversity Act, 2002, and its salient features, access, and benefit sharing.