Farming System and Sustainable Agriculture | 5th Semester

B.Sc. Agriculture - 5th Semester

Full Notes

Chapter 1 - Farming System-scope, importance, concept, Types, & systems of farming system and factors affecting types of farming - Click here

Chapter 2 - Farming system components, and their maintenance 
Click here

Chapter 3 - Cropping system & pattern, multiple cropping systems, efficient cropping system, and their evaluation - Click here

Chapter 4 - Allied enterprises & their importance, Tools for determining production & efficiencies in cropping and farming system - Click here

Chapter 5 - Sustainable agriculture- problems and their impact on agriculture, indicators of sustainability, adaptation and mitigation, conservation agriculture strategies in agriculture - Click here

Chapter 6 - HEIA, LEIA, and LEISA and its techniques for sustainability - Click here

Chapter 7 - Integrated farming system-historical background, objectives & characteristics, components of IFS & its advantages, Site-specific development of IFS model for different agro-climatic zones - Click here

Chapter 8 - Resource use efficiency and optimization techniques, Resource cycling and flow of energy in different farming systems - Click here
Chapter 9 - Farming system and environment, Visit of IFS model in different agro-climatic zones of nearby states University/ institutes and a farmers field - Click here