Crop Improvement – I (Kharif) | 5th Semester


B.Sc. Agriculture - 5th Semester

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Full Notes

Part A - Centres of origin, distribution of species - Click here
Part B - Wild relatives in different cereals; pulses; oilseeds; fibres; fodders & cash crops; vegetable and horticultural crops- Click here

Plant genetic resources, their utilization, and conservation, the study of the genetics of qualitative and quantitative characters - Click here

Imp. concepts of breeding self-pollinated, cross-pollinated, & vegetatively propagated crops - Click here

Major breeding objectives & procedures including conventional & modern innovative approaches for the development of hybrids and varieties for yield, adaptability, stability, abiotic & biotic stress, tolerance, and quality (physical, chemical, nutritional) - Click here

Hybrid seed production technology in - Maize, Sorghum, Rice, Pearl millet & Pigeonpea, etcClick here