Diseases of field and Horticultural Crops - I | 5th Semester

PATHO-311: Diseases of Field & Horticultural Crops & their Management-1


Field crops: Symptoms, Etiology, disease cycle and management of major diseases of the following crops:
Rice: blast, brown spot, bacterial blight, sheath blight, false smut, khaira and tungro; 
Maize: stalk rots, downy mildew, 
Sorghum: smuts, 
Bajra: downy mildew and ergot;

Unit II
Legume, Plus & oil Seed Crops: 
Groundnut: leaf spots, 
Soybean: Rhizoctonia blight, 
Pigeonpea: wilt and sterility mosaic; 
Castor: Phytophthora blight; 
Tobacco: mosaic.

Unit III
Vegetable crops: 
Cruciferous: Alternaria leaf spot, 
Brinjal: Phomopsis blight, fruit rot and Sclerotinia blight; 
Potato: early blight, late blight and mosaic, 
Tomato: damping off, wilt, late blight, and leaf curl, 
Okra: Yellow Vein Mosaic; 
Beans: anthracnose, 
Ginger: soft rot;

Unit IV
Horticultural Crops: 
Guava: wilt and anthracnose; 
Banana: Panama wilt, bacterial wilt, Sigatoka leaf spot and bunchy top; 
Papaya: foot rot, leaf curl and mosaic, 
Pomegranate: bacterial blight:

Unit V
Plantation crops: 
Coconut: wilt and bud rot, 
Tea: blister blight; 
Coffee: rust


Identification and histopathological studies of selected diseases of field and horticultural crops covered in theory. Field visits for the diagnosis of field problems. Collection and preservation of plant diseased specimens for Herbarium;