Commercial Plant Breeding & Seed Industry | 6th Semester


Unit 1 
Types of crops and modes of plant reproduction. Line development and maintenance breeding in self and cross-pollinated crops (A/B/R and two-line system) for the development of hybrids and seed production.
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Unit 2 
Genetic purity test of commercial hybrids. Advances in hybrid seed production of maize, rice, sorghum, pearl millet, castor, sunflower, cotton pigeon pea, Brassica etc.
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Unit 3
Quality Seed production of vegetable crops under an open and protected environment. Alternative strategies for the development of the line and cultivars: haploid inducer, tissue culture techniques and biotechnological tools. Click here

Unit 4
 IPR issues in commercial plant breeding: DUS testing and registration of varieties under PPV&FR Act. Variety testing, release and notification systems in India. 
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Unit 5
Principles and techniques of seed production, types of seeds, quality testing in self and cross pollinated crops.
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